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Our Health and Dental Centers are private, not for profit providers of health and dental care with many services in each location. Everyone is welcome at our clinics! We offer high quality, affordable health, and dental services for people of all ages. At Ephrata Community Dental Clinic, Moses Lake and Quincy Community Health Centers we care for the whole person, not just their illness.

The Health and Dental Centers offers a full complement of staff ready to serve individuals and families with significant health needs related to poverty, limited access to healthcare, language, and cultural differences, and psychosocial issues. The Health Center addresses these barriers in a variety of ways, including:

  • Providing high quality, comprehensive primary care services regardless of a patient’s ability to pay;
  • Educating patients on ways to make their homes and work healthier environments;
  • Employing multi-lingual staff who also share the culture of our patients; and
  • Providing mental health, substance abuse, case management and other support services.

The patient population is diverse, spanning a wide cultural and economic spectrum from migrant farm workers to private business owners. The Health Center serves a substantial number of Hispanic patients and a growing number of Russian and Ukrainian patients.


Maternity Support Services Social Worker or Behavioral Health Specialist

$2500 Sign On Bonus Available! The Behavioral Health Specialist/ Social Worker functions as part of an inter disciplinary team providing culturally relevant counseling, intervention, education and case management for First Steps patients at Quincy Community Health Center. Primary Duties & Responsibilities 1. Consistently exhibits Moses Lake Community Health Center’s Service Standards for patients and co-workers a. Welcoming- Looks forward to serving patients every day B b. Caring- Treats others with caring, kindness and respect B c. Helpful- Goes out of the way to help patients and each other B d. Professional- Sets the highest standards for the care provided B 2. Conducts one on one client visit for screening, assessment, surveillance, health education and care management services a. Performs initial screening B b. Completes Maternity Support Services eligibility tool if indicated B c. Assigns risk factors based on eligibility establishing services I d. Sees and/or schedules client on a regular basis depending on risk factor B e. Enters documentation in patients electronic medical record B f. Case conferences with multi-disciplinary team and creates a patient care plan I g. Completes documentation and closes chart on a timely basis I h. Bills services appropriately with correct date, documentation and reference to eligibility form I 3. Provides counseling to clinic patients on a daily basis a. Meets with patients for individual counseling I b. Meets with patients either in the office, home or in the school I c. Meets and discusses care plan with medical providers when necessary H d. Documents counseling session in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) B 4. Provides case management services a. Refers patients to community resources, assisting with the application process I b. Follows up with patients to ensure resources were accessed B c. Follows up with patients to ensure interventions are completed B 5. Performs depression screening a. Assist patient with completion of standardized depression test (pre and post natal) I b. Enters in patients electronic medical record I 6. Reports all child abuse and neglect H 7. Attends DSHS meetings B 8. Organizes and updates client handouts and supplies quarterly H 9. Maintains expected encounter average B General Development 1. Requires basic organizational skills, typically to organize own work B 2. Job duties require the ability to work independently and as part of a team B 3. Ability to manage own duties and responsibilities on a fixed schedule without the need for direction or assistance in prioritization is required I 4. Employees are able to effectively select from both established alternatives and to modify approaches in response to situations encountered I 5. Work requires consideration of the impact of work product on other employees in the work process I 6. Duties require analysis of information following established methods, not requiring the employees own opinions I Professional & Technical Knowledge Possesses advanced level general skills, including written and verbal communications skills, computational and computer skills, and mathematical knowledge frequently acquired through completion of a Bachelor’s Degree program Licenses and Certifications Must be able to obtain LMHC, CSW.SW, marriage and family therapist, AMHC or ASW in the State of Washington Communication Skills 1. Job duties require the employee to effectively communicate complex and/or technical information to co-workers and others I 2. Employees are expected to exercise tact and diplomacy in the resolution of mild conflicts or disagreements B 3. Job duties require the effective communication of information in written (including electronic) correspondence B 4. Duties involve convincing others to take actions, or to behave in a specific way desired by the employee I Typical Physical Demands • Occasional lifting up to 30 pounds • Frequent bending, walking, reaching and kneeling • Good eyesight and vision for close work/computer screens • Ability to communicate in person and on the phone • Frequent use of the keyboard requiring manual dexterity
End Date: 
Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Full Time
Language Requirements: 
Hours per Week: 
Days of the Week: 
Comprehensive benefits
Minimum Qualifications: 
Bachelors in Social Work, Behavioral Health or related field
WA Licensed Social Worker, Mental Health Counselor or Marriage and Family Therapist
Moses Lake