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Our Health and Dental Centers are private, not for profit providers of health and dental care with many services in each location. Everyone is welcome at our clinics! We offer high quality, affordable health, and dental services for people of all ages. At Ephrata Community Dental Clinic, Moses Lake and Quincy Community Health Centers we care for the whole person, not just their illness.

The Health and Dental Centers offers a full complement of staff ready to serve individuals and families with significant health needs related to poverty, limited access to healthcare, language, and cultural differences, and psychosocial issues. The Health Center addresses these barriers in a variety of ways, including:

  • Providing high quality, comprehensive primary care services regardless of a patient’s ability to pay;
  • Educating patients on ways to make their homes and work healthier environments;
  • Employing multi-lingual staff who also share the culture of our patients; and
  • Providing mental health, substance abuse, case management and other support services.

The patient population is diverse, spanning a wide cultural and economic spectrum from migrant farm workers to private business owners. The Health Center serves a substantial number of Hispanic patients and a growing number of Russian and Ukrainian patients.


Dental Receptionist

Our dental team is looking for a team member who exemplifies our service standards of being helpful, caring, welcoming and professional. The successful candidate must be dependable, have excellent customer service, computer and interpersonal skills. We are looking to hire one part time, one per diem and one temporary.
End Date: 
Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Part Time
Language Requirements: 
English, Spanish, Russian
Hours per Week: 
Days of the Week: 
Minimum Qualifications: 
Bilingual English/Spanish or English/Russian/Ukrainian
Moses Lake